Murder/Suicide in Muskegon

Officers of the Muskegon Police Department are investigating the shooting deaths of a man and a woman found in a home in the 1900 block of S. Getty Street in what appears to be a murder/suicide. The suspect, Jesus Flores, 36 years old, and the victim, Jennifer Flores, age 35 years old, were married and resided together at the home where the incident took place.

​Officers were dispatched to the home around 3am this morning on a reported shooting call. Upon arrival, they were met by a 33 year old witness who stated that he was present in the home when his sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Jesus, began arguing.

He told officers that during the argument, Jesus had produced a handgun and shot Jennifer. The brother then stated that when his sister was shot, he turned to flee the house and heard more gunshots but was not hit.

​Based on the information received from the brother, Officers believed Jesus was still inside the home armed and possibly barricaded. The Michigan State Police (MSP) Emergency Services Team was called in to assist with the situation.

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