Maxine Waters blasts Trump for ‘the lies he’s telling’ by claiming NY case was rigged

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., says that former President Donald Trump is a guilty man no matter how much he refuses to accept the verdict of his hush money trial.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC, the congresswoman blasted Trump for claiming his New York trial was rigged after he was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records. A jury determined Trump approved the concealment of payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their past sexual affair to avoid its revelation during the 2016 presidential election.

“This president is wrong. Whenever he loses, wherever he loses, he’ll say it’s rigged,” Waters told MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart.

Trump has, without evidence, blamed President Joe Biden for the New York hush money case being brought against him. However, Biden’s Department of Justice, a federal agency, operates separately from New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who pursued criminal charges against Trump.

Trump has also personally attacked Bragg, insulting his weight and dismissing the charges as “bulls–t.”

For Rep. Waters, who has also endured personal attacks from Trump in the past — including insulting her intelligence — her concerns extend to Trump’s most ardent supporters and how they respond to his claims of injustice.

Former President Donald Trump walks to make comments to members of the media after a jury convicted him of felony crimes for falsifying business records in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election, at Manhattan Criminal Court, Thursday, May 30, 2024, in New York. (Photo by Seth Wenig, AP, Pool)

“I’m still shocked and amazed that his supporters would follow him with the lies and distortions that he continues to give to the American people,” Waters continued. “He says it’s rigged. He says if they could do this to me, they could do it to you. Bringing in others to cover the lies that he’s telling. I’m amazed that those who claim to be so patriotic are so unpatriotic.”

New CBS/You.Gov polling indicates partisan division, with the majority of Republicans believing Trump did not get a fair trial and a whopping 82% saying the verdict was wrong.

Despite Trump’s claims of bias, most U.S. adults believe Trump received a fair trial, with 56% agreeing it was fair, including 54% of independents.

It’s the kind of division that Waters said makes her want to “spend some time with the justice system” and “criminal justice system” to inquire about the impact of Trump’s language.

“Tell us what’s going on with the domestic terrorists,” Waters said during her MSNBC appearance. “Are they preparing a civil war against us? Should we be concerned about our safety? What is [Trump] doing with this divisive language? It is dangerous, and we’re going to have to make sure that we understand that we are not at risk with this man talking in the way he’s doing.”

Trump still has three criminal cases to face in court and will be sentenced on July 11 for the New York hush-money case. It is yet to be determined whether Trump will do prison time due to the guilty verdict.

He is the first former American president convicted of a felony and cannot hold office in New York or Florida. However, Trump can still run for president.

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