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Louis Churchwell talks about stress and depression.

[podcast][/podcast]The CEO of West Michigan Therapy Louis Churchwell stated that we are going into a season where Suicide and depression is high.

However he stated “depression is treatable if you get the right person to diagnosis the right type of depression.”

Louis Churchwell/ CEO West Michigan Therapy

Radio Interview with Louis Churchwell

On the impact of an absent father “Without question, the lack of participation of father in the lives of youngman, is wrecking havoc on our country, I can’t tell you how devastating it is, for a young man to not have its father in its life. Just to be able to talk to him, just to be able to lay hands on him to look at him. in our community today, many of the fathers are incarcerated or have died a violent death. The impact its has on our young man is very evident.
West Michigan Therapy Inc. Recovery & Housing Center is a 501c3 agency committed to confidentiality and dedicated to bettering the lives of people in and around the Muskegon community. Their faith-based services are available to anyone who requests them, regardless of their ability to pay. Our programs, our personnel and our expertise combine to provide a continuum of care focused on the areas of substance abuse and homelessness, and the many challenges those struggles bring.
If you need help, you can call West Michigan Therapy 24 hours a day at 231-728-2138. Their headquarter address is 130 East Apple Ave, Muskegon, Michigan 49442
West Michigan Therapy has a new building at 1823 Commerce Street in Muskegon. This location will allow them to treat more people. You can help them occupy this location by Thanksgiving. Any Donation will be appreciated.

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