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Louis Churchwell speaks on the increase in drug use among the youth!

Today we had the CEO of West Michigan Therapy on radio. Louis Churchwell, pretty much gave us the State of drug usage in Muskegon. With the high employment, it seems like more and more people are turning to illegal drugs to cope with the depression.

West Michigan Therapy, Inc. a 501c3 agency, has been serving the Muskegon Community for over twenty three years, and provides services to help anyone that asks for help despite their ability or inability to pay a fee for service in the areas of substance abuse and homelessness. We provide a variety of programs for all ages, genders and lifestyles.

WMT develops individualized programs for all participants to meet the goals of treatment, case management and outreach services.

Mission Statement
To provide every individual who struggles with the effects of Substance Abuse including Homelessness, the tools and support systems necessary to improve their quality of life.

WMT promises to provide services in a dignified and ethical manner encompassing the realities of the entire family system to any person that requests such services despite his or her ability or inability to pay a fee for service.

West Michigan Therapy
130 E. Apple Ave
Muskegon, MI. 49442
Phone (231) 728-2138



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