Highly Anticipated Interactive Music Video Show Announced


Media Contact: Paul Billings, GM

103.7 The Beat/M106-FM/WMCHN


Highly Anticipated Interactive Music Video Show Announced

MUSKEGON, MIDecember 20, 2020 – 103.7 The Beat officially launches its new interactive music video show on Comcast’s Michigan Statewide Network CN900. WUVS 103.7 Presents is a video show featuring music videos along with interviews with local influencers, dignitaries, and national celebrities. Each show will include 59 minutes of interactive conversation, viewer engagement, music, and topics. The show will provide a wide variety of interests from pop culture to activism, politics, business and money management, lifestyle, education, and personal development, among other coverage with local and national guests and subject matter experts.

WUVS 103.7 Presents, powered by community radio station 103.7 The Beat, is the vision of General Manager Paul Billings. WUVS Radio, has built a reputation as a socially conscious platform in Western Michigan. Billings is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He was also the creator of the Underground Video Show, the largest independent black owned video show in the country during its duration. “We are excited to present a new platform with important and useful information to our viewing audience,” Billings said. “We will continue to bring about change, cultivating programming, and showcase the many voices within our communities.”

WUVS 103.7 Presents will air in all major cities in the state of Michigan including Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo & Muskegon reaching more than 980,000 households. It is available on Michigan Statewide Comcast Network CN900 on Mondays at 11:00 pm, Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, and Fridays at 10:30 pm with at least 2 Bonus shows at various time slots. The show is also available on demand. Check your local listings. 

WUVS 103.7 Presents is an outreach initiative of the West Michigan Community Help Network, a registered 501(c)3  non-profit Organization. Proceeds from the show will benefit our Kids Free Trip to Africa Program. Every year we select High School students to embark on a once in a lifetime trip to Ghana, West Africa where they explore African culture and interact with members of the Abeadze Kyeakor village where Billings is a Chief. The trip is an all-expenses paid journey free to students. 

Submit your questions to our guests through Facebook live. Join the conversation, get engaged, and be part of the show. For sponsorship opportunities or interview inquiries please call 231-727-5007. 

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