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Heights Council Approves Beulah Street Closure for Quality Tool and Stamp Expansion

Andrew Trzaska | June 24, 2013

Part of Beulah Street in Muskegon Heights will be closed to allow a local business to expand.

The resolution put before Muskegon Heights City Council on Monday said the city would “vacate a portion of Beulah Street, West of Jarman Street” to “facilitate the expansion of a building for new presses” at Quality Tool & Stamping.  This equates to one block at the very east end of the road in the city.

Quality Tool & Stamping, which resides between McIlwraith and Jarman Streets to the east and west, wants to build off one side of its facility to place more press equipment on-site.

Because Beulah Street ends at Jarman Street when heading east, the closure of this portion of Beulah will lead the road to terminate at McIlwraith Street instead.

City staff indicated at Monday’s meeting that residents on Beulah Street were informed of the closure and a meeting was held that included zoning commission, council members, city staff and residents to hear the public’s concerns.  Staff indicated most concerns were addressed, including traffic patterns.

The council voted 4-0 to approve the measure.  Commissioners Willie Watson and Keith Guy were not present at Monday’s meeting.

It was not clear at Monday’s meeting when the street closure would take effect.

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