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Funding Request Reveals Some Road Repairs on Muskegon’s Wish List

A federal funding request approved by Muskegon’s city commission on Tuesday reveals several roads the city hopes to fix up in the coming years.

The motion approved by the commission does not guarantee funding or express all roads the city hopes to repair; it simply sets forth list of six road segments that the city hopes to get federal dollars from this specific program to improve.

The city will work through the West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC) to try to secure the funding. The dollars would come from Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which can be received by WMSRDC.

A current TIP funding agreement exists through 2014; thus, the new requests ask for funds for 2015 and beyond.

The roads in question are as follows, as well as the years they hope to use the funds:

2015 – Henry Street, from Sherman to Hackley
2015 – Latimer Road, from Black Creek road to Port City Boulevard

2016 – Laketon Avenue, from Nevada Street to Lakeshore Drive
2016 – Getty Street, from Evanston Avenue to Apple Avenue

2017 – Laketon Avenue, from Getty Street to Creston Avenue
2017 – Muskegon Avenue, from 9th Street to 7th Street

The proposed projects will all be reconstruction jobs, except for the Getty-to-Creston work on Laketon Avenue, which also includes a full depth milling of the road bed.

The projects in question come in at total estimated costs between $300,000 and $950,000 apiece, with the city paying about a 20% match to 80% federal funds on each one.

Securing funding for all six is not a sure thing, but if all six were all approved, the total cost to the city would be approximately $776,000.

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