Founder of Black-Owned Independent Baseball League Launches 30 Games in 30 Days

Nationwide — Mike Mayden, a former major-league baseball scout and now the Founder of A League of Our Own (ALOOO), the only Black-owned independent baseball league in the United States, is inviting Black-owned businesses to take advantage of available sponsorship opportunities. In September 2024, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization will schedule 30 games in 30 days and is looking to develop a network of boosters, financial supporters, donors, sponsors, and/or underwriters to help sustain and cultivate the future growth of the league.

Smith comments, “We are appealing directly to Black entrepreneurs, community and church leaders, and the people of the black community at large to make themselves a committee of one and make a financial donation to help support the longevity of our league.”

He continues, “Since 1986, we have afforded inner-city baseball players, the opportunity to play baseball in: New York, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Hawaii etc. Over 200 baseball players from his program have gone on to play college and/or professional baseball.”

ALOOO is a league dedicated to the generations of baseball players who were denied the opportunity to play because of factors other than their ability to play the game. Its objective is to promote diversity in baseball, provide family entertainment, and serve as an outlet for African American baseball players to continue playing. The non-profit is offering a fall league that starts the first week of September through the first week of October with non-stop baseball 30 games in 30 days.

The league is open to local, national, and international baseball players from all ethnic backgrounds, 18 years old and older, who may or have not completed their high school or college eligibility. Mayden comments, “We look to serve as a bridge and extension for participants who have aged out of their local inner-city baseball initiatives and would normally be out of options, but still need additional time to hone their skills. That is where we come in.”

ALOOO provides an outlet for players to continue to compete and develop their skills with a focus on playing at the college or professional level. In addition, it will offer an entrepreneurship training program that introduces participants to the process of becoming a self-employed entrepreneur (sports management, media production, umpiring, sports agent & grounds crew maintenance training, etc.).

The league will also be honoring the following distinguished African American baseball icons by naming teams in the league after them for their legacy, history, and accomplishments:

R Foster: Chicago Elite Giants, Stachel Paige: All-Stars, Sam Allen: Monarchs, and Dick Allen: Hitmen. Currently under review for future team naming are former Negro League, Chicago Cubs, and MLB icons Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Buck O’Neal. The league is also open to more suggestions.

How to be a sponsor:

To be a sponsor, interested ones can visit the league’s website at, click “Donation,” and make a donation of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, or more to help the non-profit organization reach its budget of $175,000 in the next thirty days. (All contributions are eligible for a tax write-off).

For players interested in trying out for a team, visit the website or contact (205) 264-1468.

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30 Games in 30 Days: Black-Owned Independent Baseball League’s Founder Kickstarts Season

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