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Discrimination Complaint filed against Biggby Coffee

Discrimination Complaint filed against Biggby Coffee
A Muskegon resident recently filed a discrimnation complaint
through the local branch of the NAACP.
The complaintant, an African American man, alleges he was
questioned for not buying a beverage and using the internet
after being in the 3295 Henry street store for less than five
And when he left after the alleged harassment, and went home and
called to speak with the owner, a staff member named “Tammy” hung
up the phone on him.
Nationally, Biggby Coffee has faced similiar allegations. In Arlington Heights,
Illinois, a Jewish man accused the chain of anti-Semitism.

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In Canton, Michigan, a group of African Americans reported to a travel web-site
that they to were questioned for “wasting space” and “using their internet”. In the
official grand-opening press release posted on September 21, 2008,
it stated the Muskegon store would offer “free wireless internet access”.
Biggby Coffee is based in East Lansing, Michigan and the Muskegon store opened
in 2008.
The Muskegon manager/owner in question is Debbie Smith. The Muskegon store has
no African American employees.
(This Report is from our Media Partner, Muskegon Tribune Newspaper)

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