Concerned Resident Asks Muskegon County To Reduce Pesticide Usage At Health Department Building

Andrew Trzaska | September 14, 2011

A concerned resident of Muskegon brought asked the county’s commissioners to review existing or possibly create new a new policy limiting the use of pesticides on county property.

Joshua EldenBrady lives with his wife on a street that terminates right into the major county government complex on Apple Avenue.

This Apple Avenue complex houses the Veterans’ Services office and the Health Department.

EldenBrady pointed out that many people with compromised immune systems visit the Apple Avenue complex for these departments, including pregnant women, the elderly and children.

He noted that last month, a strong smell of pesticides reminiscent of Round-Up was unbearably strong as he drove by the complex.  The smell remained not just for an afternoon, but for a whole week.

Eldenberry could not himself confirm what was placed on the lawn, but stressed the long term smelled worried him.  He stated he was looking to see the county think a little more about what it might be putting in the environment around a health-sensitive area.

“I know it’s government-approved stuff being put on the lawns and that mean it is OK for adults, but many of those chemicals can cause problems for people with compromised immune systems.”

The couple is currently expecting their first child in the coming months, which Eldenbrady explained was an added reason for his concerns.

County commissioners made no comments on the topic during the meeting, but District 1 commissioner and board chairman Ken Mahoney thanked Eldenbrady for his concerns at the time.

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