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City of Muskegon Heights Passes 2012 Budget, Seeing No Layoffs or Service Cuts

Andrew Trzaska | December 12, 2011

The Muskegon Heights City Council approved the city’s 2012 fiscal year budget at Monday’s full council meeting.

This year’s budget currently contains no plans for layoffs or service cuts and a fund surplus of just over $134,000.

The resolution for the budget passed unanimously on Monday with all council members present and comes not long after a quarterly report on the city’s expenditures saw the city trending under budget in 2011.  Plus, Muskegon Heights’s city manager noted Monday that the city’s once multi-million dollar deficit is down to $94.000. This figure is based on the city’s most recent audit and its general fund figures.

From budget documents, the city anticipates $6,109,828 in revenues and $5,975,597 in expenditures in 2012.  This leaves a $134,231 operating fund balance.

Under the umbrella of Public Safety, the city’s police and fire departments have a budget of 2,813,084, which includes grants received by both departments and is roughly 47% of the city’s total expenditures.

When questioned during the public hearing about service and personnel cuts, Mayor Darrell Paige indicated, “none are proposed at this time.”

With the city’s budget set, the council and staff will hold its 2012 goal-setting meeting in January.

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