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Best Gospel Artist Spotlight: Jeremie Harris

By: Emily Guiles

Jeremie Harris is the winner of the Gospel Music Beat Award, and he says that the Beat Award s instill a sense of pride in the community and honors people for the small things they do. To him, Harris said that winning a Beat Award, “meant that my work is acknowledged.”

Harris grew up in Muskegon Heights, and although he now lives in Downtown Muskegon he says that Muskegon Heights will always be his home. And even given the recent violence in the past year Harris believes that those events are becoming few and far between and expects good things to happen in 2016.

Harris says that music itself, along with his faith in God, is what inspires him in everything he does. Religion is an important part of Harris’ everyday life.

In a about a year Harris hopes to have his own solo album released.

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