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  • Jack Mehoff

    Big Rob,
    You need an education and a lesson in sentence structure.
    All JuJu had to do was stop – he should never have run and nothing else would have happened. End of story
    PS: I don’t smoke – its bad for your health!

  • big rob

    It is a shame that this person does not see what is really happening in this community ok here we go mr green was killed by a white man some time ago and he only got six months probation and there was no gun ever found a muskegon police officer was chased by fellow police officers from ottawa county to his home. in muskegon drunk and when he was told to give his gun up to the chief tony kliebecker he pointed at his commander if this is not enough for you to see the point then post something else idiot and I will give you some more it doesn’t take tague or muskegon police ninety days to take no one else to jail or to convict any one I feel no pity for any police officer who doesn’t know when to wait for back up and not go into dark alleys chasing a man who has been searched and found to have no weapons on him police are not superman juju was already identified why not live and not get hurt or have to kill anyone for another day he was not commiting any violent acts until he was backed up into a corner like a scared dog who comes out fighting when you back him or she up in a corner if it were me I would have let him go until I got back and found him later then no one would have not killed or hurt furthermore the police department should reflect the community the whole community not just one side of the community now take and put it in whatever pipe you are smoking JACK

  • Jack Mehoff

    It took ninty days so there was “no rush to judgement” and all of the TRUE facts were presented.
    Are you telling me and the entire black community that more black officers equates to more “offenders” telling the truth because they don’t trust “white” officers! That “JuJu” would have stopped if it was a black policeman!That is ridicules and absolutly racist. Who is “we” aren’t “we” all brothers in the human race or is it only the black community that suffers from racism?
    Responsibility for ones actions are all that count, no matter what your ethnicity is – the only one to blame is Johnson. He stops, he’s still ailve, period!!

  • Jackie,
    We don’t want any police officer to get hurt trying to do their job.
    However it shouldn’t take 45 minutes to get to a hospital that is
    3 blocks away. But somehow the victim is taken to the distance
    Also over 90 days before there where any official statements.
    You can’t put all blacks in one category, just like I can’t put
    all whites in one category.
    If Muskegon had more than 2 Black officers on their force,
    problems like this probably would not occur as often. Cliff Johnson
    got confessions quicker and more often that any officer around simply
    because the offender trust him.
    There has been a pattern of problems with the Muskegon Police Department. We haven’t had these kind of problems with any other Police Department in the county.
    I am not saying Julius Johnson do not have any blame, but what happen after the shootings bothers me.

  • You expected the police officer to allow himself to get beaten to death by this “nice, gentle, soul”. He now has a metal plate in his head from the severe beating and will no longer function as a patrolmen.
    What a disgusting display by some folks in this community to try and legitimize as “racist” an officer of the law trying to protect the very community that now is the accuser. It is no wonder that the Heights is looked on as a minority city of failure with the racist attitudes that permeates the community

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