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New Bill For Exonerating Prisoners

By: Emily Guiles

In the most recent Muskegon Heights City Council meeting there was not very much to discuss. Mayor Paige remarked that the festival in the park went very well and had a great turn out.

Mrs. Billy Bruce then addressed the council and said reported that in the cemetery where her mother is buried has put another person in Bruce’s plot. Bruce is an only child and wants to be buried next to her mother, so she wants the other person moved. The council said that they would reinvestigate the matter which one of the managers in the cemetery is already looking into.

Representative Marsha Hoveywright was also present and talked about the recent changes to road funding and said that it is now in the hands of the senate to work out a road package to vote on. This package would most likely only state roads and some local roads. 19 percent for local roads and 30 percent for state roads.

Also a recent bill has been reduced, the term for low level crimes against youths under 21, and enabling more expunging of records. Also there was a bill passed for exonerating prisoners, along with paying them compensation for lost wages.

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